XC Ski Wax & Tools
There are 3 principal varieties of XC wax:
1. Base preparation wax gets a brand-new ski ready for its first time on snow.
2. Glide wax is used on skating skis, and on the tip and tail areas of classic skis.
Glide wax is either Hydrocarbon (fast) or Fluorinated (faster!).
3. Kick wax is used only on the 'kick zone' (under the boot/binding) of a classic ski.
Glide wax and 'base prep' wax are applied hot using a ski waxing iron.
Excess wax is then scraped off, leaving a smooth and slippery surface.
(Warning: Do not apply base prep or glide wax to the kick zone of a classic ski.)
Kick wax is applied cold and then smoothed out with a waxing cork.
Each wax formulation works best within a specific temperature range.
We sell SWIX and START waxes, waxing irons, brushes and scrapers - and
the solid hardwood, fully-adjustable Waxamajig waxing profile made in Maine.
SWIX T75 waxing iron (below left) $49.   Swix T74 Sport waxing iron (below right) $69.
WAX-A-MA-JIG ski waxing profile $99.
Swix T75 waxing iron $49 Swix T74 waxing iron $69
SWIX BP99 hydrocarbon base prep: 180 grams (6.4 oz) $19. Save $16: 900 grams (2 lbs.) for $79.
START BWLF fluorinated base prep: 125 grams (4.4 oz) $29. Save $25: 750 grams (26.4 oz.) for $149.
SWIX CH4, CH6, CH7, CH8, CH10 hydrocarbon glide wax: 180 grams $19. Save $16: 900 grams $79.
START SG2, SG4, SG6, SG8 hydrocarbon glide wax: 90 grams $12. 180 grams $19.
START LF04, LF06, LF07, LF08 fluorinated glide wax: 60 grams $19. 125 grams $29.
SWIX Tour Pack (3 kick waxes, brush and scraper) in zippered pouch for classic touring: $16.
SWIX Plexi Scraper free with any order of 3 or more waxing items.
Swix BP99 base preparation waxSwix CH4 Green: -32C to -10C (-25F to 14F)Swix CH6 Blue: -12C to -6C (10F to 21F)Swix CH7 Purple: -8C to -2C (18F to 28F)Swix CH8 red: -4C to +1C (25F to 34F)Swix CH10 Yellow: 0C to +10C (32F to 50F)
Above: Swix BP-series and CH-series hydrocarbon glide waxes:
Swix BP99 base preparation wax, Swix CH4 Green: -32C to -10C (-25F to 14F)
Swix CH6 Blue: -12C to -6C (10F to 21F), Swix CH7 Purple: -8C to -2C (18F to 28F)
Swix CH8 red: -4C to +1C (25F to 34F), Swix CH10 Yellow: 0C to +10C (32F to 50F)
Below: Start SG-series hydrocarbon waxes and LF-series fluorinated glide waxes:
Start BWLF low-fluoro base wax,
Start SG2 White: -1C to 10C (30F to 50F), Start SG4 Violet: -7C to -1C (19F to 30F)
Start SG6 Blue: -12C to -7C (10F to 19F), Start SG8 Green: -30C to -10C (-22F to 14F)
Start LF04 Red: -3C to 0C (27F to 32F), Start LF06 Violet: -8C to -3C (18F to 27F)
Start LF07 Blue: -12C to -7C (10F to 19F), Start LF08 Green: -30C to -8C (-22F to 18F)

SWIX rectangular nylon brushes only $19...
Swix T160 stiff nylon brush (rectangular) $19Swix T160 stiff nylon brush (oval)Swix T161 soft nylon brush (rectangular) $19Swix T161 soft nylon brush (oval)
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