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Which Speedskates Do I Want? Are you a recreational skater? Do you like to go fast? Is there a frozen lake nearby? Or do you skate on indoor rinks? Our Short Track, Long Track and Marathon speedskates for recreation, fitness and racing include Nordic Skates, Bont, Raps, Roces and Zandstra. Prices start at $189 for speed skates, $59 for junior Easy Gliders, and $29 for Nordic Skates.
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Short Track (indoor rinks)
Bont ZX5/GTA $499
Bont Patriot/Sonic 1000 $319
Zandstra Short Track $189
Long Track (400-meter ovals)
Raps Hertz-V4 $259
Roces Speedracer $189
Zandstra Long Track $189-$219
Clap Skates
Raps Sparrow Clap $749
Raps Clapskates $399-$699
Zandstra Ving Clap $269-$339
Clip-on Skates
Zandstra Delta $159
Nordic Skates $89-$129
Wood Nordic Skates $29
Buckle-on Skates
Multiskates $119-$169
Boreal Skates $79-$99
Easy Gliders $59
Speedskate Accessories
Bont Accessories
Raps Accessories
Zandstra Accessories
Zandstra Standard long track speed skate $189 Long Track (Outdoor) Skates:
Zandstra has the best value in high-quality, entry-level outdoor speed skates. Made in Holland. Sizes to Euro 50 - US men's 16. The Zandstra Ving Clapskate ($269-$339), Elite Long Track ($219), and Standard Long Track (left) ($189) excel in warmth, comfort and ankle support. Choice of racing blades or recreational blades.
Raps speedskates made in Holland have led the world in innovation since the company's founding in 1987. The Sparrow clapskate (right) is the favorite of long-track and marathon champions.
Raps Sparrow Clapskate with Axle Ultralight blade $749
Roces Speedracer long track speed skates $189 Roces Speedracers (photo left) are warm and comfortable Long Track speedskates for outdoor recreation and racing. Plastic boots have removable padded liners and footbeds. Skate a few laps around the Olympic Oval,
or race away on a 50-mile marathon. Either way, your feet will appreciate the comfort.
Made in Italy.
European sizes 36-50 (US men's 3-14).

Long Track Accessories
Short Track (Indoor) Skates:
Bont speedskates are handmade in China from a heat-moldable fiberglass and carbon-fiber composite. The Patriot ice/inline boot (right) and Sonic 1000 blade (below) set the standard for competition and recreation.
European sizes 27-52 (kids' 9 to men's 16).

Short Track Accessories
Bont Shark 2 boot with Sonic 1000 short track ice blade
Zandstra Short Track Speedskates $189 The Zandstra Short Track skate (photo left) is warm and comfortable both indoors and outdoors. Plastic boot with removable padded liner and contoured footbed. Blades have a 10-meter radius so you can maintain your speed on the sharp corners of a hockey rink. High Carbon Spring Steel blade. Made in Holland.
European sizes 29-46 (US men's 1-13).
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