Speed Skate Accessories
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1-Piece Skate Guards $10/pair Speedskate Guards:
Standard one-piece model $10 (photo left).
Color: Black.
Elite two-piece custom-fittable guards $15 (photo below).
Color: Silver.

2-Piece Skate Guards $15/pair
Zandstra Sharpening Kit fits all indoor & outdoor speedskates with fixed, clap or bolt-on blades.
Kit includes Zandstra Aluminum Jig (below left) and two sharpening stones (below right):
10"x2" double-sided stone with coarse & smooth sides, plus 2"x1" deburring stone.
Complete Kit $169. Jig only $159. Stones only $15. Shipping $15 to $35.
Zandstra Aluminum Speedskate Sharpening Jig
2x10x1-inch Double-Sided Sharpening Stone
(coarse & smooth sides) 2x1-inch burr stone
Bont Sharpening Kit works best on short track (indoor) speedskates with horizontally bent blades.
Kit includes a Sharpening Jig plus two Sharpening Stones (above right):
10"x2"x1" Double-Sided Sharpening Stone (coarse & smooth sides), and 2"x1"x" deburring stone.
Two colors: Carbon Black (below center) and Polymer Blue (below right).
Complete Kit $119. Jig only $109. Stones only $15. Shipping $15 to $35.
Bont black sharpening jig Bont blue sharpening jig
Protective Gear

ITECH Full Neck Guards. Two sizes: Adult and Junior. $20.

TRACE Knee Pads. Sizes: Small, Medium, Large. $20.

ZANDSTRA lightweight, cut-resistant Kevlar knee-shin guards with removable knee pads $49/pair (right).
Cut-resistant Kevlar gloves $20/pair.
Kevlar knee/shin guards $49/pair
 & Kevlar gloves $20/pair
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