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Ski Skett Roller Skis
SKI SKETT: Since 1973,
The Choice of Champions.

Ski coach Mark Ernst
reviews the Shark.
reviews the Shark.
Top: Shark Trainer skate ski. Bare $129-$169, with bindings $198-$258
Middle: Fire skate ski: Bare $129-$169, with bindings $198-$258
Bottom: Nord classic/combi ski. Bare $249-$269, with bindings $319-$339
Shark (top) is our top-selling skate ski. Two lengths, four speeds of wheels. $129-$169.
Fire (middle) is a stable skating ski for first-time rollerskiers. $129-$169.
Nord Classic (bottom) is rated #1 for durable soft rubber wheels. Shaft Colors: White or Purple. $249.
Nord Combi skate/classic ski has Nord shafts and long-lasting urethane rear wheels. $269.
Bull and EL beginner classic skis offer greater stability than traditional models. $179-$299.

The weight is lighter than most roller skis, which has great advantages for lighter skiers, juniors and women. The lighter ski makes duplication of ski-specific movements much closer to the real on-snow movements required for developing better technique, especially when doing speed and faster training. With the different wheel and bearing combinations, you can tweak the ski speed to find the perfect ski
for each athlete. The rubber wheels are durable and we look forward to many K's on these skis.
For the price, this ski is the best deal going!
-- Sten Fjeldheim, Head Ski Coach, Northern Michigan University & 2003 National Masters Champion

Skiing a gravel road in Vermont
on the Ski Skett Nord Classic
Our most popular skate ski: only $169
Shark Trainer (below) skating skis have interchangeable fast, slow and medium rubber wheels to approximate your speed on snow, while their durability extends wheel life. Excellent grip on pavement. Customize your Sharks by choosing from
2 different frame lengths, 4 different wheel types
and fast or slow bearings.
Ski Skett Shark Trainer skate skis:
Bare $169, with bindings $238-$258
Below: Fire skate ski $129-$169.
Choice of polyurethane or rubber wheels.
Ski Skett Fire skate skis:
Bare $129-$169, with bindings $198-$258
Ski Skett Bull Classic $249
Check out Ski Skett's low prices:
Shark Trainer 53 or 60cm (21" or 24") skate skis. Narrow 24x100mm rubber wheels. $169.
Fire 60cm (24") skate skis. Medium-width 30x80mm rubber or polyurethane wheels. $129-$169.
Pony Snowbelt (below) 65cm (26"). Stable 3-wheel beginner classic skis $179.
Pony Sunbelt (bottom left) 65cm (26"). Beginner classic skis. Bindings fit sneakers & running shoes $299. Bull (above) 70cm (28"). Extra-wide 60x74mm rubber wheels, front or rear ratchet. $249.
Nord Classic 70cm (28"). Wide 40x74mm rubber wheels, front or rear ratchet. $249.
Nord Combi 70cm (28"). Wide 40x74mm wheels, fast or slow polyurethane in the rear,
ratcheted rubber wheel in the front. $269.
Ski Skett EL Snowbelt:
$179 bare
$239-249 with XC bindings
Ski Skett Pony:
$299 with universal bindings Pony. Super-stable 3-wheel "tricycle" ski for first-time rollerskiers. Choose the Snowbelt model (above) with standard XC ski bindings, or the Sunbelt model (left) with Ski Skett's unique strap & buckle bindings that fit all types of shoes, even sneakers! The EL has a 65 cm (26") frame, 20x74mm soft polyurethane rear wheels, ratcheted 40x74mm rubber front wheel.
$179 without bindings.
$239-249 with XC bindings.
$299 with universal bindings.

NEW! Carbon Flex Skate and Carbon Flex Classic (below) feature carbon-fiber shafts that flex
like real cross-country skis, to perfectly simulate skiing on snow.
Skate $359. Classic $379. Combi $399.

Ski Skett roller skis are fully assembled with frames, wheels and bearings.
For $70 to $90, we'll mount your choice of bindings: Salomon Profil or Pilot; Rottefella NNN-2 or NNN-3.
Shipping: Domestic ground $20. Alaska & Canada $25-$35. Worldwide: Email us.
Need boots? Great prices on Skating Boots and Roller Ski Packages.
10% Off all accessories with any roller ski package.
Accessories include rollerski poles ($40 to $109), speed reducers ($55),
splashguards ($25), carbide steel ferrules ($14) and instructional videos ($10-$20).
We also offer a full selection of replacement wheels.
Shark Wheels from left: Fast polyurethane,
medium rubber, slow rubber
Shark urethane wheel $24 ... Medium or Fast rubber wheel $24 ... Slow rubber wheel $24
All wheels are fully assembled with bearings and spacers.

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