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Skike V07-S junior skating package
Save $50! Junior package contains:
Skike V07-S junior model (right) with 5-inch wheels
for size 6 men's shoes (7 women's) and smaller.
Each ski has a built-in emergency brake
and adjusts to a range of shoe sizes and widths.
Color: Solid Black.
Also included: Poles, instruction book, tools & DVD.
SKIKE roller skis come with built-in emergency brakes
and adjust to a range of shoe sizes and widths.
Poles: Choice of Skike (right) or Exel Activa fixed-length poles (below) Skike fixed-length poles
Exel Activa 50% carbon fixed-length poles
Skike V07-S SALE $199/pair. V07-S Package with Skike or Exel poles SALE $249.
Most popular accessories: Skike pump & complete spare wheel. $69 for both.
Skike rentals: Call us at (866) 244-2570 to reserve a pair. $60 for 2 weeks.
Skike Accessories
Skike VF full-finger gloves $29/pair Skike VF full-finger gloves (left) $29/pair
Skike Vimid half-finger gloves (below)
Was $29/pair. Now $14.50.
Skike Vimid half-finger gloves
Was $29/pair. Now only $14.50
Skike knee & elbow pad set
Was $39. Now only $19.50
Skike helmet
Was $59. Now only $29.50
Above: Skike helmet in black, orange & white.
Was $59. Now $29.50
Left: Skike knee and elbow pad set.
Was $39. Now $19.50
Below: Skike tire pump with built-in pressure gauge.
$39. 10% off with Skike package order.
Skike tire pump $39
Below (left to right): Skike tube $8.95. Spare tire $13.95. Complete spare wheel $34.95.
Repair kit $9.95 (allen wrench, socket wrench, tire levers, patches, rubber cement,
glue, rasp, brush & instruction book, all in a zippered pouch)
Skike tube $8.95 Skike tire $13.95 Skike wheel $34.95 Repair kit $9.95
Below (left to right): Frame extenders $25/pair. Mudguards $25/set of 4.
Reverse Lock clutch wheels $49.50 each.

Frame extensions $25/pr Mudguards $25/set of 4 Reverse Lock wheel $49.50
Below (left to right): Skike baseball caps in orange or black $10.
Skike baseball cap $10Skike baseball cap $10
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