Helmets & Knee Pads
Roller Ski Helmet

Hard-shell helmet with adjustable padding keeps your head safe
while roller skiing or roller skating.
Color: Black-White-Orange. Sizes: S-M or L-XL. Sale $29.50.
Knee & Elbow Protector Set

Layers of bulletproof Kevlar protect your knees and elbows from 'road rash'. Two elastic velcro straps hold each pad in place. Sale $19.50/pair.
Ice Skating Helmet

Hard-shell helmet with insulated, padded liner keeps your head safe - and warm! - while ice skating, skiing or ice & snow sailing.
Colors: Silver, White, Black. Sizes: S-M or L-XL. $69.
Ice Skating Knee Pads

Stiff foam protects your knees from falls, AND makes kneeling on the ice comfortable.

A pair of elastic velcro straps holds each pad in place.

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