Don't get caught in an Ice Emergency!
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Do you have the safety equipment you need
to pull yourself and others out of the water?
What would you do ...
if you or a friend plunged through the ice on a frozen lake?
Safety means carrying the right equipment.
Skaters, skiers, hikers, snowmobilers, iceboaters, ice fishermen:
You may be the first to arrive at an accident scene. Be prepared to rescue yourself, your buddy, or an accident victim.
IceClaws: A pair of plastic hand grips with hardened stainless steel spikes for pulling yourself out of a hole in the ice.
Ice Claws, Nordic Lifelines and Nordic Skating Poles give you inexpensive security.
Tested for years in the rugged Scandinavian winters, these simple tools have saved many lives. Wear Ice Claws around your neck where they're easy to reach. Their steel spikes dig into the ice to help you pull yourself out. The Nordic Lifeline comes
packed in a specially designed "throw bag" with a padded weight and built-in flotation. It can be easily thrown 80 feet across the ice to save a friend.
Nordic Skating Poles help you accurately measure ice strength and thickness.
Elite Nordic Lifeline is an easy-to-throw bag stuffed with 82 feet of rope for pulling victims out of the water. Elite Ice Claws are made from extra-tough plastic.
They have an attached emergency whistle.
With the Elite Nordic Lifeline (above) you can
quickly rescue an accident victim. Includes 82 feet of heavy-duty polypropylene rope. $35.

Standard Nordic Lifeline (below) is the
economy model, with a lighter-weight rope
packed into a smaller bag. $30.
Standard Nordic Lifeline is an easy-to-throw bag
 stuffed with 82 feet of rope for pulling victims
 out of the water.
Elite Ice Claws (above) are the ultimate self-rescue devices. Reinforced plastic handles. $18/pair.
Standard Ice Claws (below): Essential self-rescue devices. $18/pair.
Standard Ice Claws mount in a safety holster
 that you wear around your neck
 for quick access in an emergency.
Elite Nordic Skating Poles (below) help you quickly test ice strength and safety
thanks to their specially-designed grips and extra-sharp tips.
Lengths 125, 135, 145 and 155 cm. $99/pair.
Standard Nordic Skating Poles (no photo) are the economy model.
Lengths 132, 138, 144, 150 and 156 cm. $89/pair.

Elite Nordic Skating Poles have easy-grip handles
 that snap together for easy carrying. Elite Ice Poles give you instant feedback
on ice safety and strength. Elite Ice Poles have extra-sharp ice-piercing tips.
Use them for propulsion and balance too.
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