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Try Before You Buy. Rent a pair of our roller skis for 2 weeks for just $60 plus shipping.
After 2 weeks, we will credit your entire rental fee toward a purchase. Or you may send them back.
To reserve a pair of skis, just call (866) 244-2570 or email. Our most popular models are all available for rental. Call or email for availability. Boots and poles can be rented or purchased separately.
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Swenor Skate Elite,
V2 XLQ98, Marwe 610C:
composite shafts flex
like a ski on snow!
Swenor Skate Elite $299
Shark: Our top-selling skate ski
for flatter terrain & smoother pavement
Ski Skett Shark skating roller skis:
Racer $149, Hybrid $159, Trainer $169
Founded in 1973, Ski Skett is the world's oldest roller ski manufacturer, specializing in lightweight training skis for competitive athletes. Ski Skett is the top choice of 5 of Europe's national ski teams.
Prices start at $99.
V2 Aero: Our safest ski for urban areas, hilly terrain, rough roads & trails V2 Aero Skate roller skis:
XL125S and XL150S on sale for $319
American-made V2s are the world's safest roller skis, with the most effective speed reducers, an easy-to-use emergency brake, and inflatable tires for a comfortable ride on rough terrain. Prices start at $199.
The Lineup: Here's a list of our most popular models of skate, classic, combi and beginner skis.
Skating Roller Skis
Skike V7 Fix $369
Marwe 610C $339
V2 Carbon XLQ98M $319
V2 Aero XL150S $319
V2 Aero XL125S $319
Swenor Skate Elite $309
Skike V07 Plus $299
Skike V07-S $199
V2 830 & 850 $249
V2 XLA98M $199
Ski Skett Fire Trainer $169
Ski Skett Shark Trainer $169
Ski Skett Fire Light $129
Classic Roller Skis
V2 Aero XL150RC $399
V2 Carbon XLQ9848 $369
V2 Carbon XLQ920 $369
V2 XLA9848 $319
Swenor Fibreglass Cap $309
Swenor Finstep $309
V2 910, 920, 930 $289
Ski Skett Nord Classic $249
Start Classic Standard $199

Complete Roller Ski Packages
Rentals - Try before you buy
Combi (Skate/Classic) Skis
Skike V8 Lift $439
V2 Aero XL150SC $369
V2 Carbon XLQ940C $369
V2 940C $299
Ski Skett Nord Combi $269

Beginner Roller Skis
Bindings fit running shoes -
No ski boots needed!

V2 NORDIXC 150 $499
Skike V07 Plus $299
Skike V07-S $199
Used Roller Skis
Start Skating 71: European quality,
unbeatable value
Start Skating 71 rollerskis $149
Start is best known for ski waxes and for Grip Tape, an easy-to-apply alternative to conventional kick wax. Start also supplies us with inexpensive
classic roller skis.
Prices start at $149.
Eagle Sport: #1 in roller ski racing Eagle Sport Rabbit rollerskis $149
Eagle Sport specializes in rollerski racing. Skis have short, lightweight shafts with urethane or rubber wheels. Eagle Sport's Rabbit (above) is the #1 skate ski at the FIS World Rollerski Championships.
Dutch quality since 1992. Prices start at $149.
Why is roller skiing so beneficial? Roller skiing got its start as off-season training for cross-country ski racers. Now everyone's doing it for fun and fitness. It's a high-intensity, low-impact workout. Like going to the gym, except outdoors. Roller skiing is easy on your knees, so it's a good alternative to running. And it's full-body. Biking, running and rollerblading are great for building up leg strength, but what about your arms?
Rollerskiing is a full-body aerobic workout in the fresh air.
What makes our skis the safest? V2s are the only American-made roller skis. V2 has the most effective speed reducers and emergency brakes for controlling your speed on steep downhills and for emergency stops in congested areas. Plus their inflatable wheels give you air-cushioned ride comfort and the opportunity to ski on both smooth and rough pavement, plus dirt and gravel roads and trails.
Choosing the right skis: Are you a beginner or expert? Do you prefer skating or classic? Race training, fitness or recreation? Is your route flat or hilly? Is it smooth or rough pavement, or off-road? We'll help you choose the right pair of rollerskis. Just call (866) 244-2570 toll-free or email.
Value? It's in the wheels. Anyone can make a low-budget rollerski with cheap scooter wheels that roll so fast with so little effort that they're useless for training. Our wheels are formulated with the right resistance to simulate skiing and to give you an effective training workout at a safe speed. Our higher quality skis have sealed bearings that don't self-destruct when they get wet. We have 30 different models of roller skis, starting at $149 without bindings, $209 with bindings. See the list below or check our sale listings for big discounts.
Price Match Guarantee: If you find a comparable pair of skis advertised at a lower price, we'll match or beat that price. This offer applies to new skis from reputable dealers, not to second-hand skis on eBay.
Learn more: Check out our rollerski videos and DVDs from Ski Skett (Free!) and V2 ($20).
Get both videos FREE with a complete rollerski package (skis, bindings, boots, poles).
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