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Roller Ski Parts & Accessories
We stock a wide selection of Exel, Swix & Yoko roller ski poles, as well as V2, Skike & Ski Skett
roller ski components. Many of these items fit other brands of roller skis, including
Eagle Sport, Elpex, Freewind, Maplus, Marwe, One Way, Pro-Ski, Rossignol, Start, SwedSki and Swenor.
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Carbide Steel Roller Ferrules (pole tips) & Diamond Sharpeners
Carbide Steel Ferrules (pole tips) convert your XC racing poles into roller ski poles.
Standard Roller Ferrules are glued onto the pole shaft with 'hot-melt' glue. To change tips, heat up the old tip until the glue melts, then pull the old tip off and slide the new tip on while the glue is still hot.
Exel power roller ferrule $10Ski Skett roller ferrules $15V2 roller ferrules $15
Exel Power Roller Ferrules (left) fit Exel Activa, Centra and most other non-shock-absorbing poles.
Color: Black. SALE $10/pair.
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Ski Skett Ferrules (center) have a longer housing with more taper to fit the widest variety of pole shaft diameters up to 11 mm. Color: Black. $15/pair.
V2 Ferrules (right) have a short housing with less taper, but are very lightweight with an extra-hard tip.
Colors: Yellow for 7 & 8 mm diameter poles.
Black for 9, 10, 11 mm diameter poles. $15/pair.
Exel Suspension Tips and Aero2 Tips slide onto specially-designed Exel poles and lock into place. No pole glue needed. To change tips, simply pry off the old tips with a screwdriver, and slide the new ones on.
Exel suspension tip $15Exel Aero2 tip $15
Exel Shock-Absorbing Suspension Tips (above left)
& Aero2 Tips (above right)
for Exel Integra & Formula shock-absorbing poles. $15/pair.
Exel Suspension Tip Adaptor Kit converts your 10 mm diameter XC poles into shock-absorbing poles.
$29 complete. Call (866) 244-2570 to order.

Swix Triac Ferrules (no photo) screw on to Swix TBS System poles including Triac 2.0, Star CT1, Team CT2 and Carbon CT3. $29/pair. Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
V2 Diamond File helps you keep your roller ski ferrules sharp. $20.
Speed Reducers Emergency Brake
V2 XL speed reducers $89/pair
V2 Speed Reducers apply frictionless resistance to your front wheels to control your speed on downhills -
or to increase the intensity of your workout.
They do not increase tire or wheel wear -
and they do not shorten the life of your wheels.
V2 XL speed reducers (above) fit all XL-series skis. Reducers are customized for each ski model, so specify model when ordering. $89/pair.
V2 ATRA speed reducers for 800 and 900 series
solid-wheel skis. $55/pair.
Ski Skett universal speed reducers mount on
most models of roller skis. $55/pair.
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
V2 XL brake $75
V2 Emergency Brake helps you stop quickly when you need to. Simply slide one ski forward and tilt your ankle back. The back of your leg pushes the brake down onto the rear wheel.
V2 XL brake (above) fits all XL series skis. The brake is customized for each ski model, so specify model when ordering. $79.
V2 universal brake mounts on almost all models of roller skis. $99. Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Tire Changers for Skike & V2 Inflatable Wheels
V2 tire changer (photos above & right) includes base station, long and short
tire levers, and instructions.
Color: Silver. $89.

Inflatable Wheels, Tires, Tubes, Pumps
Skike pneumatic wheels:

Skike 6-inch skate wheel (above left) $34.95.
Skike Roadstar heavy duty 6-inch skate wheel $37.95.
Skike 6-inch tire (no photo) $13.95.
Skike Roadstar 6-inch tire (no photo) $16.95.
Skike 6-inch tube (above right) $8.95.
Call (866) 244-2570 toll-free to order
more Skike accessories:
Reverse Lock wheels, frame extensions,
helmets, gloves, knee & elbow pads,
telescoping poles & tool kits.
V2 Aero pneumatic wheels:
Top row (L to R): Aero 150 skate wheel, 150 classic wheel.
Bottom row (L to R): Aero 125 skate wheel, 125 tire, 125 tube.
V2 XL150 skate wheel (top row, left) $44.95.
V2 XL125 skate wheel (bottom row, left) $44.95.
V2 XL150 classic wheel (top row, right) $64.95.
V2 XL150 spare tire (not pictured) $19.95.
V2 XL125 spare tire (bottom row, center) $19.95.
V2 XL150 spare tube (not pictured) $13.95.
V2 XL125 spare tube (bottom row, right) $13.95.
Fox Tire Pump with built-in gauge (below) $40.

Skike Tire Pump with built-in gauge (below) $39.

V2 Rear Fenders/Splashguards (not pictured) $25 installed.
Aero outrigger wheels for classic skiing (below): $50/pair.
V2 outrigger wheel
Tire changing tools (click here):
V2 Aero XL150 tire changing station $89.
Solid wheels for V2 800, 900, XL900 and XL98 series skis: $32 to $49.
Solid Rubber & Urethane Wheels
Shark rubber skate wheels
fit many other models of skis
Shark rubber skate wheel (above) fits Ski Skett Shark;
Elpex F-1; Marwe 100, 610 and 610C; and many other skate skis.
Fast, Medium or Slow speed rubber with high-quality rubber-sealed bearings. Dimensions: 24x100mm. $24.
Call (866) 244-2570 toll-free to order the following items:
Wheel for Swenor Skate Elite: $32.
Wheel for V2 XLQ98M, XLA98M, XL98R & XL98SL: $32.
Fast, medium or slow rubber wheel without bearings: $19.
Call (866) 244-2570 toll-free to order the following items:

Urethane skate wheel (far left) for Ski Skett Shark. Dimensions: 24x100mm. Price: $24 with bearings, $19 without.
Rubber skate wheel for Ski Skett Fire. Dimensions: 30x80mm. Slow rubber with high-quality rubber-sealed bearings $29. Fast rubber with standard bearings $24.
Fast or slow rubber without bearings $19.
Urethane skate wheel for Ski Skett Fire. Dimensions: 30x80mm. Price: $24 with bearings, $19 without.
Rubber classic wheels for Ski Skett Nord & Start Classic. Dimensions: 38x76mm. Ratcheted $49, free-spinning $29.
Urethane combi wheels for Ski Skett Nord & Start Classic. Dimensions: 38x76mm. Ratcheted $59, free-spinning $39.
Zandstra bearing extractor tool - Re-use your old bearings: $15.
Splash Guards & Fenders
Ski Skett splashguards for Nord $25/setSki Skett splashguards for Shark & Fire $25/set
Miniature fenders trap dirt and moisture flying off your rollerski wheels.
Ski Skett splashguards $25 for a set of 4.
Colors: Black (left),Yellow or Translucent.

V2 rear fenders $25 for a set of 2.
Color: Black.
Roller Ski Bags
Swenor rollerski bag (right) holds most models of Start, Ski Skett, Swenor, V2 and Marwe roller skis. Color: Black. $39.
Swenor roller ski bag $39
V2 & Skike Roller Ski Gloves
New V2 roller ski gloves $25
Essential protection.
New V2 gloves (left):
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.
Gray. $25.
Enduro gloves (right):
Size: XL.
Red/Black. $20.
Skike gloves (right):
Size: Large.
Black/Orange. $29.
V2 Enduro roller ski gloves $20
Skike roller ski gloves $29
Books & Videos
Simple Secrets of Skating DVD $20 Simple Secrets of Skating DVD by Lee Borowski. $20.
Simple Secrets of Striding DVD by Lee Borowski. $20.
Becoming A Better Roller Skier with Zach Caldwell.
VHS or DVD. $20.
The New Steady Ski Book by Doug Garfield. Includes numerous exercises for improving balance and
core strength. $25.
Simple Secrets of Striding DVD $20
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