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Peltonen Cross-Country Skis
Established in 1945 by Toivo Peltonen, Peltonen is one of the leading manufacturers of cross-country skis,
with over 60 years' experience manufacturing skis in Hartola, 170 kilometers north of Helsinki, Finland.
Throughout its existence, Peltonen has pushed the envelope in ski performance and manufacturing technology.
ALL Peltonen race skis are manufactured in Peltonen's own factory in Finland.
Check out these unbeatable low prices:

Adult Skis
Supra & Infra: Suggested Retail $599. Our Price $399.
Supra Cosmic: Suggested Retail $499. Our Price $329.
Zenith: Suggested Retail $349. Our Price $259.
Acadia: Suggested Retail $289. Our Price $219.
Astra: Suggested Retail $229. Our Price $179.
Nanogrip: Suggested Retail $299. Our Price $219.
Junior Skis
Supra LW: Suggested Retail $349. Our Price $259.
Zenith Jr.: Suggested Retail $229. Our Price $179.

Elite Race Skis
2015 Peltonen Supra-X skate skis $399
2015 Peltonen Supra Cosmic skate skis $329
2015 Peltonen Infra-X classic skis $399
2013 Peltonen Supra-X skate skis $299
2013 Peltonen Infra-X classic skis $299
2011 Peltonen Supra-X skate skis $199
2011 Peltonen Infra-X classic skis $199
Supra-X & Infra-X: A nanotechnology revolution in race skis.
Superlight race skis made with Hybtonite® Nanocarbon Aviflex honeycomb construction.
XTTLight extralight carbon tip and tail.
Lightweight new top sheet with unidirectional fiberglass/carbon laminate;
Peltonen Nanobase graphite base with CrystalGLIDE™ finish; Peltonen ControlEDGE reinforced sidewalls;
Three profile concepts: Cold (low camber), Universal (medium camber) and Wet (high camber with shorter pressure area to minimize the suction created by wet snow.)
Supra-X Skate has a low and narrow tip and tail profile; Infra-X Classic has a javelin tip for better in-track turning.
New 2015 Supra Cosmic features Aircell Aviflex Cap Construction with an upgrade to the superfast Peltonen Nanobase.
New 2015 Supra LW includes all the features of the adult Supra-X in a super-elite junior skate ski. Unbeatable value!
9-click Rottefella NIS binding plate has 2 cm of forward-and-back adjustability.
Rottefella NIS features include:
Binding slides quickly and easily onto a pre-mounted track and locks in place. No ski drilling required.
Reposition your bindings forward, back, or right on balance point, in reponse to varying snow conditions.
Adjust the heel plate forward or back to fit any size boot.
In a crash, binding releases from track, avoiding skier injuries and ski damage.
Three flavors of skate and classic skis: Cold, Wet and Universal.
Peltonen Supra-X Skate NIS: Weight 1100g/188cm, Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 181,188,193cm $399
Peltonen Supra Cosmic Skate NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 181,188,193cm $329
Peltonen Supra LW Skate NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 139-174cm/7cm Only $259
Peltonen Infra-X Classic NIS: Weight 1100g/188cm, Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 195,202,207cm $399
Peltonen Infra-X Zero Waxless NIS: Weight 1100g/188cm, Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 195,202,207cm $399
More savings on Supra-X Skate & Infra-X Classic packages
Advanced Race Skis
2015 Peltonen Zenith skate skis $259
2013 Peltonen Zenith skate skis $259
2011 Peltonen Zenith skate skis $259
Zenith is a racing-class ski for the demanding skier. A popular model among World-Loppet skiers and citizen racers. Available in Universal profile only, Zenith is the lightest-weight ski in its price category.
Features 9-click Rottefella NIS binding plate with ± 2 cm adjustability; Aircell Aviflex Cap Construction;
reinforced ControlEDGE sidewalls; PRG 4000 graphite racing base.
Peltonen Zenith Skate NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 174,181,188,195cm $259
Peltonen Zenith Classic NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 181,188,195,202,207cm $259
Peltonen Zenith Zeta Waxless NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 181,188,195,202,207cm $259
More savings on Zenith Classic packages
Midrange Race Skis
2015 Peltonen Acadia skate skis $219
2013 Peltonen Acadia skate skis $219
2011 Peltonen Acadia skate skis $219
Acadia is a great midrange ski that meets the requirements of a World-Loppet skier.
Lightweight Aircell Aviflex construction; Javelin sidecut; Peltonen ControlEDGE sidewalls;
PRG 3000 Racing base with Race Tuning; 5-click Rottefella NIS mounting plate.
Peltonen Acadia Skate NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 167,174,181,188,195cm $219
Peltonen Acadia Classic NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 181,188,195,202,207cm $219
Peltonen Acadia Zeta Waxless NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 181,188,195,202,207cm $219
More savings on Acadia Classic packages
Midrange Recreational Skis
Peltonen Astra NIS skate skis $179
Peltonen Astra NIS combi skis $179
Peltonen Astra classic skis $169
Peltonen Nanogrip waxless classic skis $219
Astra & Nanogrip Astra are Peltonen's midrange recreational (or entry-level race) skis at a very affordable price.
Skate, Combi, Waxable classic and Waxless Classic models available.
Stiffnesses up to 110 kg (242 lbs.) fit a wide range of skiers.
Peltonen Astra Skate: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 174-195/7cm $179
Peltonen Astra Combi: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 167-195/7cm $179
Peltonen Astra Classic: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 153-209cm/7cm $169
Peltonen Nanogrip Astra Waxless NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Lengths 153-209cm/7cm $219
More savings on Astra & Nanogrip Classic packages
Junior Skis
Peltonen Zenith Jr. skate skis $179
The Zenith Jr. is Peltonen's elite junior race ski at an attractive price.
Skate only. Medium or Stiff flex, Universal base.
Peltonen Zenith Skate Jr. NIS: Sidecut 44-44-44mm, Length 139-174cm/7cm $179
Extra savings on Junior Skate, Combi & Classic packages
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