Nordic Skating Backpacks
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These may look like ordinary backpacks, but they're not. Yes, they're lightweight (2 pounds), and yes, they have a large carrying capacity (45 liters). But the resemblance to ordinary backpacks ends there.
The Lundhags Comet and Skyllermarks ISA 45 incorporate numerous safety features for Wild Skating enthusiasts who want to ensure their own safety and that of other skaters on the ice.
Skyllermarks ISA 45 ice skating backpack $99
Lundhags Comet ice skating backpack $99 The Comet and ISA 45 are the only backpacks designed to act as life preservers! The roomy main compartment is watertight, so you can fill it up with spare clothes and other essentials that add buoyancy and flotation.
Special straps secure the pack around your waist. Plus there are two outside mesh pockets for carrying Nordic Lifelines ("throw bags") in easy-to-reach locations.
$99. To order, call (866) 244-2570 or email.
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