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Which Inline Skates Do I Want? Do you like to go fast? We sell 5-wheel and 2-wheel inline speedskates for recreation, fitness and racing, including
Bont, Raps, Eagle Sport and Zandstra. Prices start at $219. We have inline
frames, wheels, bearings and protective gear individually at low prices.
We'll help you choose the right pair of skates. Just call us or email us.
Now only $299 ...
Bont Shark boots are handmade in Australia with a hand-laid carbon base and lace cover. They can be heated in the oven and molded to the shape of your feet. The Inferno frame is a single-void 7000 series aluminum extrusion with a unique profile for extraordinary strength. CNC milled bearing mounts accommodate mini-bearings as well as standard 608s. 4-wheel and 5-wheel models come with Bont Invasion 80mm 82A wheels and Bont ABEC-5 bearings. Boots are switchable to ice blades for winter use.
Bont Shark boot, Inferno frame
& Invasion 80mm 82A wheels $299
Raps High Voltage boot, Target frame
& Explore 77.5mm 78A wheels $279 Now only $279:
Raps High Voltage boots (photo left) are built with lots of ankle support and lots of comfort. Target 5-wheel frames use Raps' patented triple-void aluminum extrusion for superior strength. Frames come with Explore 77.5mm wheels and BSB or ZeroDrag ABEC-5 bearings. Add $20 for Explore Elite 80mm 83A wheels. Boots are switchable to Raps ice blades for winter use.
More Raps inline frames
Raps: World leader in innovation for 15 years.
1992: First Triple-Void Inline Frame.
1995: First Ice Clap Skate.
1997: First Inline Clap Skate.
Raps has now adapted and refined the "clap-system" for inline skating with this revolutionary new lightweight frame (photo right).
Get it now -- don't get left behind!
Available as a package or separately:
Condor boots
Heman frames with axle set
Explore Elite 80mm wheels
BSB ABEC-5 bearings
Raps Condor Boot & Heman Clap Inline Frame
Nordic Inlines Eagle Sport Nordic Inline with Salomon RS9 nordic ski boot and Salomon Profil binding Eagle Sport Nordic Inline with Sportful 6.9 nordic ski boot and Salomon Pilot binding
Clip-on two-wheel nordic skates with an innovative design combining the best features of rollerblades & roller skis. Super stability with a lower center of gravity than rollerblades.
Oversized 100-mm diameter wheels, choice of speeds: Slow, Medium, Fast.
Best of all, Nordic Inlines clip on and off your cross-country ski boots
with Salomon or NNN bindings mounted on lightweight aluminum frames.
$219 to $259, fully assembled, including frames, ski bindings, wheels, axles and bearings.
Add $10 for shipping (US & Canada). Please specify your boot model and size.
Need boots? Great prices on Skating Boots and Boot-Blade Packages.

Nordic Inlines with Salomon ski bindings
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