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Fischer Summer Boots
Fischer RCS Summer Skate Boots (photo below) Sizes 45-46 only. (US men's 10.5-11.5) $349
Fischer RCS Summer Skate Boots $349
Fischer Winter Boots
Fischer RC5 Combi Boots (photo below) Sizes 36-52 (US men's 4-16) $249
Fischer RC5 Combi Boots $249
Fischer Adult Skate Skis
All adult skate skis have NIS mounting plates and a 41-44-44mm sidecut.
Fischer Speedmax Skate Cold or Plus: Weight 1030g/187cm, Lengths 172-192cm/5cm $750
Fischer Speedmax Skate $750
Fischer Carbonlite Skate Cold or Plus: Weight 980g/187cm, Lengths 172-192cm/5cm $625
Fischer Carbonlite Skate $625
Fischer RCS Skate Cold or Plus: Weight 1080g/187cm, Lengths 172-192cm/5cm $475
Fischer RCS Skate $475
Fischer RCR Skate: Weight 1190g/187cm, Lengths 172-192cm/5cm $339
Fischer RCR Skate $339
Fischer SCS Skate: Weight 1270g/187cm, Lengths 172-192cm/5cm $269
Fischer SCS Skate $269
Fischer CRS Skate: Weight 1350g/187cm, Lengths 172-192cm/5cm $189
Fischer CRS Skate $189
Fischer SC Skate: Weight 1380g/187cm, Lengths 172-192cm/5cm $169
Fischer SC Skate $169

Fischer Adult Classic Skis
All adult classic skis have NIS mounting plates and a 41-44-44mm sidecut.
Fischer Speedmax Classic Cold or Plus: Weight 1030g/197cm, Lengths 187-207cm/5cm $750
Fischer Speedmax Classic $750
Fischer Carbonlite Classic Cold, Plus or Zero: Weight 980g/197cm, Lengths 187-207cm/5cm $625
Fischer Carbonlite Classic $625
Fischer RCS Classic Cold, Plus or Crown: Weight 1080g/197cm, Lengths 187-207cm/5cm $475
Fischer RCS Classic $475
Fischer RCR Classic, Zero or Crown: Weight 1190g/197cm, Lengths 187-207cm/5cm $339
Fischer RCR Classic $339
Fischer SCS Classic: Weight 1270g/197cm, Lengths 182-207cm/5cm $269
Fischer SCS Classic $269
Fischer CRS Classic Vasa or Crown: Weight 1350g/197cm, Lengths 182-207cm/5cm $189
Fischer CRS Classic Vasa $189
Fischer SC Classic: Weight 1380g/197cm, Lengths 182-207cm/5cm $169
Fischer SC Classic $169

Fischer Junior Skis - Skate, Classic & Combi
All junior skis (except SCS Skate and SCS Race) have NIS mounting plates. All junior skis have 41-44-44mm sidecut.
Fischer Carbonlite Skate Jr.: Weight 890g/162cm, Lengths 147-177cm/5cm $299 Fischer Carbonlite Skate Jr. $299
Fischer Carbonlite Classic Jr.: Weight 890g/172cm, Lengths 162-187cm/5cm $299 Fischer Carbonlite Classic Jr. $299
Fischer RCS Skate Jr.: Weight 970g/157cm, Lengths 142-177cm/5cm $219 Fischer RCS Skate Jr. $219
Fischer RCS Classic Jr.: Weight 970g/167cm, Lengths 147-182cm/5cm $219 Fischer RCS Classic Jr. $219
Fischer RCR Skate Jr.: Weight 830g/142cm, Lengths 122-172cm/10cm $129 Fischer RCR Skate Jr. $129
Fischer RCR Universal Jr. Combi: Weight 860g/147cm, Lengths 147-182cm/5cm $129 Fischer RCR Universal Jr. combi skis $129
Fischer SCS Skate Jr.: Weight 890g/132cm, Lengths 122-162/10cm $99 Fischer SCS Skate Jr. $99
Fischer SCS Race Jr. Combi: Weight 890g/147cm, Lengths 127-167/10cm, 162 & 172cm $99 Fischer SCS Race Jr. combi skis $99
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