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Which poles do I want? Looking for cross-country poles, roller ski poles, or shock-absorbing poles?
100% carbon or composite? Cork grips or synthetic grips? Velcro race straps or quick-release straps?
We'll help you choose the right poles. Just call (866) 244-2570 or email.
Exel Formula 95% carbon pole $99-$119
Our most popular poles: Exel Formula $99 & Exel Activa/Centra $59
95% carbon: Exel Formula snow and roller ski poles have cork grips, velcro race straps, stiff and lightweight 95% carbon shafts, and snow baskets or roller ski tips. 140 to 180 cm lengths. Color: Blue. Now only $99 (snow or roller).
Exel Activa 50% carbon pole
with Evolution grip & strap
Exel Centra 60% carbon pole
with ALIS grip & strap
50-60% carbon: Exel Activa & Centra snow and roller ski poles have cork grips, velcro race straps, lightweight 50-60% carbon shafts, and snow baskets or roller ski tips (or both).
Activa poles have standard Exel Evolution grips and straps. Centra poles feature the new ALIS quick-release
grip and strap system. 120 to 170 cm lengths. Color: Brown. Now only $59 (snow or roller).
Exel Formula shock-absorbing pole $119
Exel Integra shock-absorbing pole $99
Shock-absorbing roller ski poles: Exel Formula $119 & Exel Integra $89
Exel Formula and Exel Integra roller ski poles feature a unique spring-loaded shock-absorbing tip system.
Tips slide onto a special quick-release adaptor and lock in place. No more messing with pole glue!
Formula 140-180 cm $119. Integra 130-170 cm $89.
Available Now! Shock-absorbing adaptor kit. Convert your 10mm diameter poles into shock-absorbing poles.
Suspension tips, special adaptors and glue included. Call (866) 244-2570 to order. Complete Kit $29.
Exel World Cup 100% carbon pole $159
Exel Avanti Racing 100% carbon pole $109
100% carbon: Exel World Cup $159 & Exel Avanti Racing $109
Exel's Ntech co-wound carbon fiber makes the World Cup and Avanti Racing poles the lightest and stiffest race poles available. High-modulus carbon makes the World Cup pole 6% lighter and 30% stiffer than the Avanti Racing pole.
Custom-cut and assembled by us in 135 to 180 cm lengths with either snow baskets or roller ferrules, and your choice of
World Cup, Evolution, Quick-Release or Biathlon grips and straps.
Colors: World Cup Orange/Black/White. Avanti Racing Black/Silver.
Exel Formula nordic blading pole
with shock-absorbing 'suspension tip'
Exel Roller Ski Poles
Shock-Absorbing Poles
Exel Formula $119
Exel Integra $99
Standard Roller Ski Poles
Exel Formula $109
Exel Activa $69
Exel Kick & B-Tour $49
Parts & Accessories
Grips or straps $20
Shock-absorbing tips $15
Standard roller ferrules $14
Top: Exel Formula $119/$109
Middle: Exel Integra $99
Bottom: Exel Activa $79/$69 Why use shock-absorbing poles?
Exel Nordic Blading Poles are the only roller ski poles with
shock-absorbing suspension tips
that cushion your arms from road shock and prevent injury
to your shoulders, elbows and wrists.
Exel suspension tips slide on and lock into place.
No more messing with pole glue!
Pry them off with a screwdriver.
Optional rubber spike tip
for extra-hard surfaces such as concrete.
Current models: Exel Formula and Activa poles
in 120 to 180cm lengths are now available. $119 & $79.
Call (866) 244-2570 or email us.
Exel Roller Ski Pole
with suspension tip Exel Roller Ski Pole
with standard roller ferrule
Shock-absorbing suspension tip Exel suspension tip Rubber spike tip Exel rubber spike tip Standard roller ferrule Exel standard roller ferrule

The best value in roller ski poles.
Don't trash your expensive racing poles on the road. Leave the snow baskets on, and save them for next winter. Exel roller ski poles are light, stiff, low swing weight, rugged - and inexpensive.
Exel roller ski poles have 3 big advantages over conventional poles:
1. Ferrules slide onto the pole shaft and lock into place.
No more messing with pole glue!
2. Exel's Suspension Tip Ferrule contains a spring-loaded piston that protects your shoulders from road shock when skiing on pavement.
3. An interchangeable Rubber Spike Tip Ferrule is also available for skiing on extra-hard surfaces such as concrete.
All Exel poles come with wrist-cushioning "race straps". Race straps are wider than conventional loop straps. They velcro around the back of your wrist, helping to reduce the stress of poling.
All shafts are carbon/fiberglass composite. The Formula has the highest carbon content and the best stiffness-to-weight ratio.
The B-Tour pole has the least carbon.
Shock-absorbing poles have a special adapter on the bottom of the pole shaft, so you can clip on a suspension tip or a rubber spike tip.
Lengths from 120 cm to 180 cm. 5 cm (2") increments.
Exel Roller Ski Pole
with suspension tip Exel Roller Ski Pole
with standard roller ferrule
Exel B1 100% carbon poles $69
Exel B2 65% carbon poles $69
Exel B3 35% carbon poles $69
Exel Kick 25% carbon poles $49
Exel B-Tour 15% carbon poles $49

Exel Snow Poles
Racing Poles
Exel World Cup $159
Exel Avanti Racing $109
Exel Formula $99
Recreational Poles
Exel P2 Endurance QLS $79
Exel Activa $59
Exel P3 Cross $49
Exel Nordic Observer $39
Exel Nordic Experience $39
Parts & Accessories
QLS or ALIS grip/strap kit $35
World Cup or Biathlon grip/strap kit $35
C-Cork/Evolution grip/strap kit $35
Grips or straps only $16-$20
Pole baskets $15
Exel's innovative QLS (Quick-Lock Strap) design (photo right)
lets you quickly detach the pole strap from the grip in order to
reach into your pockets or perform other tasks with your hands.
Strap re-attaches quickly and easily.
QLS is available on Exel World Cup, Avanti, Formula, P2 and P3 poles.
For $10 extra we'll set up your Exel XC poles for roller skiing
by installing carbide-steel tips (ferrules) -
and we'll include snow baskets at no charge!
Exel World Cup
100% High Modulus titanium-carbon poles with extra stiffness.
7mm Exelerator Max baskets.
World Cup, Evolution, QLS or Biathlon grips and straps.
135-180cm lengths. Red/Orange or Orange/White. $159.
Exel Avanti Racing
100% High Strength carbon; 10mm baskets.
Choice of Evolution, QLS or Biathlon grips and straps.
135-175cm lengths. Black/Silver. $109.
Exel Formula
95% carbon poles; cork grips, race straps. 140-180cm. Blue. $99.
Exel P2 Endurance
65% carbon poles; QLS cork grips & race straps. 130-177cm. $79.
Exel Activa
60% carbon poles; Evolution cork grips & race straps. 120-160cm. $59.
Exel World Cup Jr.
50% carbon poles; Evolution cork grips & race straps. 110-130cm. $59.
Exel P3 Cross
35% carbon poles; Evolution or QLS grips & straps. 130-170cm. $49.
Exel Nordic Observer & Nordic Experience
15% carbon poles; synthetic grips, race straps. 120-165cm. $39.
Exel QLS (Quick Lock System) cork grip and strap Exel Evolution cork grip and strap
Exel P2 Endurance QLS poles $89
Exel P3 Cross QLS poles $79
Exel P4 Activa poles $59
Exel Nordic Observer poles $39
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