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Free Decals & Bumper Stickers
Free with any order: "Skate Now - Work Later" bumper sticker, or colorful red white & blue Alternatieve Elfstedentocht Weissensee decal, 4" diameter.
Skiing Videos & Books
Brian Czop airborne in Hartjes boots.
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Canada: Unlimited DVD Set. 2-DVD set focusing on cross-country skiing & summer cross-training all over North America from Québec to Oregon and British Columbia. Includes cycling, mountain biking, rollerskiing, adventure racing, triathlon, kayaking and surfing as well as skiing!
173 minutes of exciting footage. $30.
USA: V2 Rollerski Video (DVD or VHS).
42-minute instructional video featuring V2 rollerskis. $20.
Italy: Ski Skett Rollerski Video (DVD or VHS).
18-minute instructional video featuring Ski Skett rollerskis. $10.
USA: The New Steady Ski Book by Doug Garfield.
An effective exercise program focusing on improving your balance and core strength. $25.
Ice Skating Videos
Willem Langenberg cruises Lake George on Freeskates.
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USA & Canada: Nordic Skating: Winter's Newest Edge.
30-minute DVD video filmed in Vermont, New Hampshire, Utah, Wisconsin & Québec.
Soundtrack by James Taylor, Jacques Dutronc, John Gorka and Kathleen Edwards.
Playable on DVD players, PC and Macintosh computers. FREE.
Holland: 1997 Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour).
200 kilometers on the canals of Friesland. 16,000 skaters. Millions of spectators.
20 minutes, color, in English. $15. 30 minutes, color, in Dutch. $15.
Holland: 1985 Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour).
The Super Bowl of marathon ice skating. 30 minutes, color, in English. $15.
Holland/Austria: Elfstedentocht Retrospective & 2001 Alternatieve Elfstedentocht Weissensee.
Two programs on one video: 200-kilometer ice skating race and tour on an Alpine lake in Austria, plus an interview with eight Dutch Elfstedentocht champions, coupled with historical Elfstedentocht footage from the 1920s to the present. 120 minutes, color, in Dutch. $20.
Austria: 2000 Alternatieve Elfstedentocht Weissensee.
200-kilometer ice skating race and tour on an Alpine lake. 60 minutes, color, in Dutch. $20.
Austria: 1997 Alternatieve Elfstedentocht Weissensee.
200-km ice race & tour, plus the Weissensee Mountain Bike Race. 60 minutes, color, in Dutch. $20.
Austria: Stempelpost Weissensee.
The first 5 years of the Alternatieve Elfstedentocht, 1989-93. 200-km ice race & tour.
Plus the 1993 Weissensee Winter Triathlon - run, ski & skate. 120 minutes, color, in Dutch. $20.
Japan: 2000 Alternative 11 City Race.
200-km ice race & tour on Lake Akan, Hokkaido Island. 60 minutes, color, in Dutch. $20.
Sweden: 1999 Vikingarannet.
80-kilometer ice race & tour on Lake Ekoln near Uppsala. 60 minutes, color, in Swedish. $20.
Skating Posters
Japan: 2001, 2002 & 2003 Alternative 11 City Race Posters.
200-km ice race & tour on Lake Akan, Hokkaido Island. 24"x36" with many color photos. $5 each.
Canada: Lac Beauport International Marathon.
10, 25 & 100-kilometer races on Lac Beauport near Quebec City. 20"x30". $5.
USA: 2001 World Single Distance Championships.
Inaugural event at Salt Lake City's new Olympic Oval. 24"x20". $5.
Skating Books
100 Years of Swedish Skating: Stockholms Skridskoseglarklubb 1901-2001.
241 pages, hundreds of stunning color photographs. $40.
Skating Magazines
Fitness & Speed Skating Times, bi-monthly magazine devoted to inline and ice skating.
Most issues still available. Color, in English. $3.95 each.
Marathon Magazine, official publication of the Weissensee in Austria.
24 pages, color, in Dutch. $2.95.
Schaatsmarathon, monthly magazine focusing on marathon ice skating worldwide.
42 pages, color, in Dutch. $3.95 each.
Shipping Charges
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